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Kennedy's Farm


I am making old stuff private because teh greatkate locked all her old game spam so she can't read my old game spam either. Ha! No really, it's because this thing is a couple years old now. Holy crap. M'too old for this.

Hockey and... no, just hockey in here. The odd picture of rabbit.
8am tee times, ahl, anti-ideologues, arrested development, bah!, bahevah, big rock beers, box scores at work, breakfast inflation, breakfasts under $2, breakfasts under $4, brooks bandits, calgary sucks, cherry coke, cleanliness, coaching, composite sticks, d-men, daysleeping, dead cats, distrusting short people, dogs, dougie in canada, edmonton oilers, espoo blues, ethan moreau, f1, falafel, fuckevah, fugly d-men, gator-glare, gene principe, golf, grape gatorade, hating calgary, hifk, hockey, hockey hair, holland lops, holy crap, ice cold trad, igor ulanov, jason smith, kimi raikkonen, l&o: svu, light is green, lime diet coke, little tony, mikkomikkomikko, money, my wife, neatness, nhl, non-playoff beards, numbers, orange gatorade, over-priced suits, perrier, playoff beards, puppies, quiet things, raffi torres, random anger, roger clyne, saturday nights, sheezus, skating, sm-liiga, spreadsheets, staios is fugly, steeeeeeeeve, steve staios, steve staios's hat, swearing like a mofo, swimming sucks, tacos of shame, the craigs, the old daust skates, tiny finnish rage, tony salmelainen, vanilla coke, whl